Tree, Shrub and Hedge Planting

When a storm destroyed the trees lining my property, Stump Chompers not only did a wonderful job removing and cleaning up the mess, but they helped me select a new fast growing, easy to care for hedge and planted it on my property.  I couldn't be more pleased!

Joan from West Haven


Tree Planting and Hedge Installation

Proper site-work protects your investment in yard plantings
Hole Prep
For your new tree, shrub or hedge to grow fast and strong the hole needs to be prepared to the proper depth and the soil around it loosened.  Proper soil around the plant will help it grow.  Our equipment is small enough to get into tight quarters and quickly prepare your site!
Services Include:
    • Hole/Site Preparation
    • Soil
    • Nursery Stock
    • Drainage
    • Mulching
    • Edging

Stuck for Ideas?

Tell us the type of plant you want and we can help you select a vareity that does well in our climate.  Are you looking for...

  • Flowering
  • Shade
  • Desired Height



Privet Hedge

Soil preparation, planting and fertilizing this border hedge around the entire yard!

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